Valve Installation and Maintenance

BACKFLOW CHECK VALVE INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCEBackflow check valves are used to control your Sewer Water supply. The device allows Sewer Water travel in one direction; Valve Installation and Maintenance still, it quickly closes in case of reverse flow. Backflow Check Valve Installation should be completed by professionals in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Like all mechanical devices, the system may break down over time. It is essential to follow recommendations for testing, inspection intervals, and replacement of details. You should have easy access to the flap, so as you will need to check the unit periodically.

How to maintain backflow check valve?

The following actions will help ensure that the device is in proper operating condition.

  1. After backflow check valve installation, it’s recommended to inspect and clean the valve assemblies at least twice a year; especially when leaving home for long periods of time or if rainy weather is expected.
  2. Excessive debris and dirt affects the quality of seal. Check the parts, wash them if necessary and reassemble. Don’t forget to wear plastic gloves to prevent unsanitary debris from getting into the valve assembly.
  3. If your valve is dirty, you should remove the flapper and rinse the device with clean water. Then, replace the flapper into its original position. Make sure the system allows flowing water go out of the drain. The valve will automatically close when pushed towards the drain.
  4. Check the unit for damaged components and replace them if necessary.

Surely, if you are not confident in your ability to perform these steps, you’d better Contact a Professional Plumber.

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