Backwater Valve

BACKWATER VALVE INSTALLED OUTSIDE OR INSIDE TORONTO (GTA), MISSISSAUGA, ETOBICOKE, OAKVILLE, SCARBOROUGHWe do not keep junk and old boxes in our basements any more. The lower part of our houses got turned into entertainment room or the place to store valuable documents or precious items, such as flat-screen TV.  Why do we need the Backwater Valve Installed in our basement?

Precious item preserves your valuables

The valve gets installed for safety reasons mainly. It is used to preserve the basement from Flooding as Sewer Waters may come Back Up in case of a general Clog. And if there is no gate to stop the water from rising up, our possessions go down the drain. As a matter of fact, very few people use this kind of equipment as a precaution, most install it after they’ve already suffered a Water Backup once or even twice.

Do not delay

The installation process is no simple issue. You have to contact the municipal office first to get a business permit, because every sewer system is different. No way should you try to install it yourself. The House Plumbing System must be studied carefully. The job must be done by a Professional Plumber. And we offer you the solution. Our team is the best you can find in Toronto, GTA, Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Scarborough, Thornhill, Vaughan.

You cannot prevent the risk of the Sewer Backup completely, but at least you may reduce it by taking into account these basic steps. Save yourself headache and heartache of Water Backup and call us now 416-857-3930.

Take a precaution

Better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t have such an construction in your basement – go get a permit and call us. We receive calls any time day and night. With Minimum Damage to your Basement Floor, we will relay the concrete so your only task remaining is to refasten the floorboards.

The lid of the valve remains always on the surface, so that you are able to check if the gate in it is open or closed, especially after heavy rain or snow, and know whether it is safe to use your bathroom and toilet without the risk of Flooding your Basement.

Quality assured

The team of trained professionals will Install Any Plumbing Equipment in your house. The equipment used in the process is tested and approved by the scientists. Our company hires only well-qualified staff and sees to it that your all wish were taken into account. If you need any further information or consultation on the process, just call us. We do not charge for it.