Bad Shower Habits Always Lead to Worse Situations!

Bad Shower Situations

Usage of shower has increased day by day now. After installation of hot and cold water valves in the same shower head, usage of taps has almost declined. The obvious reason is shower is more convenient and saves time too.

But there are certain things known as shower habits that you must not become a victim of. These don’t appear as problems in the initial stage but can lead to bigger and worse situations sometimes. Plumber has shortlisted certain major showering mistakes for you:

  1. The Loofah habit: Majority of us has the habit of hanging the loofah at the shower after using it. It is common but not a good habit. It leads to growth of all kinds of bacteria. So when you use it the next time, rinse it, ring it dry and keep it in a place where no moisture is present.
  2. Long hot showers: Yes, there is nothing more soothing than long hot showers in cold winters. But have you even thought about the mold that grows in the corners of the bathroom, especially if you don’t take the proper ventilation precautions. This leads to bacteria which is not only harmful for your health but also for the pipes and drains in your bathroom. Hence always make sure to take 5-7 minutes of shower. It’s okay to have one, once in a while but not daily.
  3. Letting hair go down: Whether you realize it or not, lot of hair falls down while bathing. These hairs go into the pipelines or to the drain which is the beginning of a whole new clogging world. Always make sure to wash and remove the hair with some wiper once you are done with your head bath. Because once you don’t take care and the drains get clogged, only somebody from Plumbing can save you.