Basement Waterproofing Toronto, Mississauga

Wet Basement

Have Water in your Basement? Scared? We are here to help! Don’t allow water to make your Property Leaky and uncomfortable to live in.

What can be worse than noticing Water in your Basement? Not only Leaky Basements are inconvenient but they can also be dangerous. Why? Wet Basement can lead to:

  • Structural problems
  • Growth of mold
  • Electrical fixtures ruination
  • Foundation damage
  • Respiratory problems (allergies) etc.

To avoid all these really unpleasant problems you need to take control over the situation. There is no need to get worried about your Wet Basement. Remember, every problem has its solutions. By following our recommendations you will easily resolve your Wet Basement Problem.

Wet Basement solutions: Efficient Basement Waterproofing

  1. Foundation Wall Cracks sealing. By identifying cracks and the area where water enters the basement you can prevent further seepage into the basement.
  2. Drain tile system installation. Drain tile will help you to eliminate the water pressure and in its turn resolve the seepage problem.
  3. Exterior waterproofing technique.  This is done to prevent water from entering basement’s foundation walls.

Why our clients trust us

No matter what Waterproofing Problem you have, our team of skilled professionals will find a solution. To keep your basement dry we offer 3 efficient components of complete basement waterproofing systems.   They include:

  • interior sealants;
  • interior water drainage;
  • exterior waterproofing.

We guarantee that you will have water-free basement as we provide our clients with durable and innovative Waterproofing Basement products as well as with useful recommendations on any issues they may have. We know perfectly what should be done to eliminate your Wet-Basement-Problem. Call us now and we will keep waterproofing and wet basements issues out of your worries.

How we work

Firstly, to determine the course of your problem we will:

  • examine your basement;
  • offer solution specific to your needs.

Secondly to waterproof your basement we will:

  • remove the water from the basement;
  • prevent the water from re-entering.

As you see there are many perfect solutions. Call us now 416-857-3930 and we will solve your leaky problem easily and efficiently.

We work in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, ThornHill, Brampton.