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Broken Water Main is hardly the problem which can be solved on your own. First of all, a person to get to the main pipes should have special license and qualification, as they serve not only your house. When a water main goes out of control you need to have it done immediately. It can cause lots of problems like erosion, basement damage, water leakage, etc.

Broken Water Main Causes

The National Research Council of Canada monitored the average break rate of ductile iron and PVC pipes. This report points that ductile iron pipe breaks 13.57 times more than PVC pipe which explains PVC pipes higher prices.

According to the NRC report 850 water main breaks happen in North America daily which takes up $3 billion annually. Experts point out that corrosion is the main cause of water main breaks. But the problem is not only the money spent on repairs and replacement works but in lost water and illness threats as well.

Pipe Repairs and Replacement

Only an expert will tell you what kind of repairs your property needs. Maybe the situation can be fixed without Pipes Replacement. Usually the old pipe is dug out and a new one is placed. Copper ones are the best as they are less prone to corrosion and do not clog with rust. PVC pipes are cheaper and of good quality as well. All the pipe fittings, stop valves, and supply lines are removed and more modern pipe options are installed. This procedure usually takes around three days.

TPG Services

Toronto Plumbing Group serves residents in protecting and replacing old main pipes through a water main replacement program. We replace corroded pipes with PVC ones. We cover Toronto and GTA. We’ve got loads of experience in finding Water LeaksWater Main Installation and Repairing. TPG specialists know how to get to the main line safely and efficiently without leaving the neighborhood without water for several days. We’ve got emergency specialists to react to your phone calls immediately. Phone us now 416-857-3930 and we’ll be at your door in an hour.