Cleaning Sink Drain

What to do if you’ve suddenly realized that you have a Clogged Sink Mississauga? There are several ways to help deal with this problem. If your kitchen Sink is Clogged, which happens quite often, it is usually caused by food scraps which Blocked the Sink Pipe. If it is a washbasin or a tub in the bathroom Cleaning Sink Drain, it is normally caused by mostly hair and small objects that have fallen into the sink: ear buds, cotton pads, etc.

  1. The first cleaning method is the use of a substance that is specially made for Pipe Cleaning, this thing is purchased at a hardware store. You need to use the tool according to the instructions, if it does not work, you need to go to the second method.
  2. The second cleaning method is one of the oldest and most effective means, which helps to cope with Clogged Drain sink that is the plumber’s friend. To use it in the sink you should pour some water into the sink just a little above the plunger’s rubber part and start making up and down movements without taking the air valve off the sink surface. While there is a persistent clog it will be hard to move the plunger. Once the garbage starts moving it will be easier. If this method does not help, try the third one.
  3. The third Сleaning Sink method is the use of a flexible cable or as it is usually named a Drain Snake Mississauga. This is the method which helps to manage any clogging quickly and effectively. In order to clean the sink in such a way, the best thing would be to uninstall the siphon. Siphons are usually plastic and additional tools are not required. All siphon items should be thoroughly washed, and then start Cleaning the Sewer Pipe by inserting a flexible cable with a cleaning brush on the end, twist it and begin to twirl, so that to reach the clog mechanically.

If you can’t remove the siphon, then you need to carefully insert the cable not to damage the plastic parts of the siphon. After the drain snake usage it is better to pour special cleaners into the pipe to prevent the situation in the future. If the blockage is not removed by any of these methods, you must call a plumber, otherwise, the clog in the sink will not allow you to bathe comfortably, and unpleasant odor and other troubles can spoil your existence.

You’d better not try using the Drain Snake on your own as you can’t be sure whether you have damaged the Clogged Drain Pipes or not. If you want to be sure that you plumbing equipment is safe, phone tel. +1 (416) 857-3930 and our TPG specialist will mind your Sink Blockage, Clearing Clogged Drains or Unclog Shower Drain, etc.