Drain Pipe Repair

Just imagine – you had built some expensive decking and find afterwards that it had a Broken or Damaged Drain or Sewer Pipe beneath it. Sounds frustrating? This situation is familiar for many people living in Toronto Drain Pipe Repair. So what’s next?

Decking’ damage or garden excavation? Both variants are costly and disruptive.  What we recommend is drain pipe repair lining.  This is the best solution in any of your Drain Pipes’ Repair Problems.

Drain Pipe Repair is often time consuming. If you don’t want to let it destroy your property call Toronto Plumbing Group. We work in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, ThornHill, Brampton.

The method of Repairing a Drain Pipe by creating a new one within the existing pipe is not a dream! We are one of the best companies in Toronto who can make your Drain Pipe Repair more acceptable saving your time, paving, and sidewalks.

Drain Lining Technology you can trust

This amazing technology gives us a perfect opportunity to Repair your Broken Drain Pipes Without Damaging your Property. No digging, no excavation- just clean, efficient and perfect work.

All types of drain pipes can be repaired using drain pipe repair lining.  The damaged pipe can be repaired by lining it with an epoxy resin which is then allowed to harden to create a new pipe internally. No need to Replace the Broken Drain Pipe – we can easily repair it using simple but efficient lining technology.

From simple Drain Repairs to complicated drainage projects, TPG experts are highly experienced to line drainage efficiently. Clients can be assured to get:

  • a first class service;
  • perfect work using the latest in drain lining equipment;
  • affordable prices.

What Drain Lining is

This is an application of a cured, repaired in place pipe liner within a damaged drain pipe. The liner is inflated with a polyester based resin. Once cured, the liner will prevent Drain Problems.

Before any drain pipe repair lining process the drains should be inspected with a CCTV pipe camera.  In this way we identify the cause of the problem. Next step is to clear any of the blockages. Then we structurally rehabilitate your drain pipe so it can function as a new one. Need more instructive information on drain lining process? Contact TPG and find out your options!