Drain Smells Bad

A stinky odor from the drain is not just the interior con. It is a signal that dangerous gases from the sewer get into the house. They can cause diseases and allergies Drain Smells Bad. You should consider the situation immediately.

What Are the Reasons?

Any Sewer Pipe has got a trap in it to prevent Sewer Gases get into the system. If you notice that your drain smells, it means that the trap has dried out. It means there is no water in it and gases are free to find their way out.

What to Do?

Surely, you can try to solve the problem on your own. First, try to pour some water into the trap. It should neutralize the odor. Let it be your everyday responsibility to do so that the smell does not come back.

Deep Cleaning

If Bad Smell doesn’t disappear, it can mean that something has clogged in the Drain Pipe and you will need deep CleaningContact us and our experts will surely help you to solve the problem. We usually use a Drain Snake to remove the clog. After that we pour some water to fill the trap. This procedure is very unpleasant and should be done by professionals as amateurs can spoil the pipe and it must be re-installed afterwards.

Sometimes the snake doesn’t help either and some strong chemicals are used to clean the clog. Only TPG contractors know what the best option for you is. Don’t try to solve the problem yourself if your Drain Smells Bad. You can only harm it. Save your time and money. Phone us now +1 (416) 857-3930.