Drain Smells

Your Drain doesn’t usually stink, but if it does, it is uncomfortable. The room becomes unbearable to stay in. It has not only an aesthetic discomfort but creates health problems (like allergies, asthma and even cancer) because of the sewer gases you breathe in. What are the reasons when drains become stinky? There are two variants. Firstly, it can be a Clog Inside the Pipe. Another variant is Sewer Gases which are usually present in the pipes but are meant not to get into the house.

Before our TPG specialists make a visit, you can find the stinker pipe to make the process faster. If you suspect any of the pipes, put a tape or a plastic bag over its opening. Air the room well enough for several minutes and check if the smell appears again or not. Continue the process until you find the right one.

When there is a Clog in the Pipe, your Drain Smells Like Sewage. If you don’t solve the problem, the clog will increase in size and make the situation even worse. The first bell is bad ware seepage. If the clog doesn’t allow water to seep, the only solution left is a Drain Snake. Sometimes housewives try to clear the clog themselves with chemicals. That’s because clogs are persistent to chemicals. TPG contractors use only Drain Snakes for such situations. They can use them several times with no success.

If your Drain Smells Like Sewage, that can be caused by a trap disorder. Every Drain System has a trap; it is a special U-designed device which keeps a small amount of water in it. It is always present under your sink. This water prevents sewer gases from getting into the room. Sometimes the water in the trap dries out or the trap is installed badly. Then you’ll probably feel the smell of sewage.

Contact us to know what your problem is. Don’t try to do anything yourself. You may spoil the pipe or the trap and will have to pay more for their reinstallation.