Fix Leaking Water Pipe Toronto

IFIX LEAKING WATER PIPE IN TORONTO (GTA)Water Pipe Leak is suspected on the property, first thing to check it would be to locate your external and internal meters and see if they continue to count water volumes after all water using appliances have been turned off Fix Leaking Water Pipe Toronto.

After you’ve stopped using water on your property, you should see the meters stop working, but if they continue to work, this means you have a Pipe Leak in your house that consumes your money and ruins your property at the same time.

What should be done if you have a Leaking Water Pipe?

Very often it is very difficult to Locate a Leak, but if your test told you that you have one, you should Call Us 416-857-3930 and have your problem dealt with.

After you’ve let us know about the Leak in your home, it is the matter of time to Fix it. Everything depends on the gravity of the situation. If the leak is a minor one, it may take only a few hours to fix it, but if the leak has Cause a Lot of Damage already and is quite extensive, it means that we will need a couple of days to fix it completely.

You should of course determine whether the leak is coming from your property or if it is an Outside Leak. If it is on your property and your responsibility, we would be glad to help you, but if the leak is outside your property, it probably relates to the city water line. In this case you should call municipal services and have them deal with the leak.

Fixing Leak in the Heating System

In winter, Water Pipe Leaks are very common because of the low temperatures of the water that cause the Pipe to Crack. You must first check for the leak of your general heating pipes in the rooms that are rarely used and generally not heated. If you turn the heating there from time to time, you may avoid the Leak Problem.

Still, if the leak has already occurred, you should call us immediately. You may need to Replace the Whole Pipe in order to prevent other leaks from appearing.

How to fix a Leaking Pipe

The process of fixing a pipe depends on the king of the leak. In some cases a simple tightening of the fixture is enough to Eliminate the Problem, but in others you would need to have a pipe patch attached to your pipe, a section of the pipe cut off and replaced with the other pipe or an entire pipe replaced with a new one.