Clogged Drains

Without a doubt, pipes of all kinds – galvanized, plastic, iron pipes, as well as copper water pipes and cast drain pipes need proper maintenance. A stopped drain is definitely a serious challenge. If you don’t want to end up with Smelly puddles in your basement, you should search for Professional Drain Cleaning Services.

Typical Drain Cleaning Methods

HIGH QUALITY DRAIN CLEANING SERVICES IN TORONTO & GTA A combination of Water Jetting techniques and electro-mechanical equipment tends to be the most commonly used for Drain Cleaning. Thus, the typical tools for Drain Cleaning are electric eels & High Pressure Water Jetters.

Mechanical Drain Snaking or Rodding is considered to be more common solution. The only problem with this technique is that you will just get a hole in the clogged, instead of removing all the debris. As a result, this will get your Sewer Flowing again for a while, but then debris will start building up again Clogged Drains.

The Hydro Jet is another widely used device that removes grease, roots and other dirt out of pipes. Water at high pressure forces the blockage move away from inner walls. At the end of cleaning process a Plumber may offer a Plumbing Camera Inspection to ensure that everything is clear inside.

Does your Pipeline require Replacement?

Apart from Drain Cleaning Services, many Plumbing Companies offer effective Trenchless Techniques of Pipe Replacement. Thus, Pipe Bursting Method, for instance, reduces environmental damage and provides an ideal economic alternative to typical open trench techniques. In most cases it can be the most reasonable way to Replace the Pipes.

Pipe Bursting Technique has lots of advantages:

  • no costly excavation equipment;
  • minimum digging;
  • you can easily replace pipelines under trees, garages, sidewalks and fences without any damage to your yard;
  • this increases your property value;
  • pipes can be replaced in 1-3 days.

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