Leaking Pipes

A Leaking Water Pipe in your basement can be a real headache at any time, especially when it is a pressing matter and need immediate tending to Leaking Pipes. It happens so that the leak may go unnoticed for some time, creating greater problems in your Basement and house, such as mould and mildew.

Why do you have a Leak in your Basement?

HOW TO FIX LEAKY WATER PIPES IN BASEMENT - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUPWater Pipe Leaks occur most often in old houses that have relatively ancient Water Lined in Desperate need of Replacement. Therefore, the most common reason for a leak is rust in the pipes. With years your pipe are being ruined from within and outside. The constantly running water scrapes and diminishes the walls of the pipe.

 As for the outside factors, there are a couple to consider:

  • changing temperature in your basement, leading to the sweating of the pipes,
  • freezing of water in the pipes because of the unheated environment,
  • moisture as the result of flooding creating the notorious mould that ruins the material of the pipe,
  • cracks in your pipes due to excessive pressure inside them or due to the old age.

What to do when you have a pipe crack?

The most important question is how to check whether the Pipe Crack and Leak are taking place in your house or basement. You are very lucky if you have found some visible sighs of the problem. But you may very well suspect the leak and find no proof that it really is happening.

To soothe your racing mind, you must do a simple test: turn off the water supply in your house and check whether the meter is still running. If the amount of spent water is crowing, it means you have a leak and it is eating out a hole in your pocket.

The ways to fix a leaking pipe

Everything you need for a Pipe Repair you will find in a DIY store: hose clamps, pieces of rubber and instruction how to use them. It sounds quite simple: place the rubber over the Leaking area and tighten the clamp around it. However, it is only a temporary repair. The pipe needs to be either Replaced or Lined to prevent any further troubles.

For this job you will definitely need a Qualified Professional and this is where we come into the picture with our trained professional and high-tech equipment. A consultant is waiting on the line for your call, ready to provide any required information for FREE.