Drain Cleaning Services

HOW TO KEEP YOUR DRAIN PIPES CLEAN? DRAIN CLEANING SERVICES Regular Drain Cleaning is essential for every homeowner. It’s not a secret that dirty pipes are usually covered with bacteria, mold and germs. Without a doubt, these microorganisms may cause various health problems for your family.

Another bad thing about dirty drain pipes is foul smell, which moves from one room to another until it fills the entire building Drain Cleaning Services. This will probably make you and your family members feel depressed. As you can see, it’s necessary to keep your Drain Clean.

Today you can easily find a wide variety of special cleaners at any hardware store. However, most Plumbing Experts are totally against using chemical cleaners at home. They are damaging to the environment and to your health. You will just replace those germs and mold with equally harmful chemicals.

That’s why many homeowners prefer using natural alternatives, such as vinegar, baking soda, or bleach. They are safe to use and affordable enough. If used regularly, they can be quite effective.

Have your Drain Cleaned by professionals!

Toronto Plumbing Group is available in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga. If you live in this area, keep in mind that Basement Flooding Protection Program is available for GTA. Our company helps execute all documents to receive the subsidy and save a certain amount of money.

Apart from Drain Cleaning, we provide:

  • drain repair / replacement services;
  • backwater valve installation;
  • basement waterproofing;
  • sump pump installation;
  • plumbing services;
  • leaking basement repair;
  • drain service;
  • water line replacement and many other plumbing services.

We also specialize in Drain Cleaning tree roots. Tree roots blockage can be removed with the help of electromechanical Drain Cleaning machines (Drain Snaking). A high-quality device with a special cleaning head is inserted into the drain. The tool efficiently cuts the roots from the blocked sewer line or blocked drain.

Besides, our Plumbing Company provides free camera inspection to determine where the blockage is exactly located.

We use the Newest Cleaning Drain Machines and hydro-jetting systems for drain (sewer) cleaning. Our Plumbers Professionals will effectively remove mineral deposits, rubbish, dirt build up from your Drain (Sewer) pipes. Call us today 416-857-3930 and learn more how Toronto Plumbing Group can meet your needs!