Sewer Backup

HOW TO MAKE YOUR PROPERTY SEWER BACKUP FREE Sewer Backup is one of those messy and unpleasant cases where the help of professionals is a necessity. Those who face this problem know quite well that having Sewage Back Up is a potentially unhealthy experience.

So, how to protect yourself from the hazards of sewage in your house or basement? Call Toronto Plumbing Group. Experienced plumbers of TPG are able to troubleshoot and fix any of your Sewage Backup Problems. Write down our helpful phone numbers and keep it at hand for quick reference in case of any backup sewer.

Warning signs showing you may have a Sewer System Backup

  • Any combination of Sewer Backups involving the toilet
  • Bad, unpleasant sewage odors coming from sewers or drains
  • Gurgling noise coming from your toilet
  • Pool of messy water around your basement floor

How you can easily prevent Sewage Backups

If you have a blockage, don’t rely on the City you live in – it’s your own responsibility. The City can’t assume responsibility for necessary repairs or blockages. Therefore calling TPG is the best idea. We can easily make any changes or repairs to your private plumbing.

We often recommend our clients to prevent Sewage Backup by Installing Backwater Valve, known as Backflow or Check Valve. This magic plumbing fixture becomes a necessity for those who want to prevent messy water from traveling back into their houses. If you live in Toronto (Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, ThornHill, Brampton) and want to install this amazing device call us now. We have great news for you. Our clients can save their money by having a large Subsidy when Installing or Replacing Backwater Valve.

Backup Sewer Solutions

Call TPG now, even if you think the problem is too small. Remember by calling our plumbers you can prevent a raw Sewage Backup or some bigger problem. To diagnose the issue we will run a Camera through the Drain to see where the problem is. It often happens that we find Tree Roots crushed into your Sewer Pipe or Sewage Blockages from bits of garbage disposal waste, sanitary products, soap residue etc. When the problem is found our next step is to explain the homeowner any options to fix the problem.

Thanks to our experienced team and our latest equipment there is no necessity to be worry when having Sewer Backup. You call our service – we resolve the problems.