How Do You Know About Blocked Shower Drain

If you notice that water reaches your ankles while having a shower or it just starts draining very slowly, it must be a clog.

What Causes Blocked Shower Drains

HOW TO UNCLOG SHOWER DRAINWhen you wash your hair or body soap runs down the drain. You probably think that it drains directly into the pipe and disappear. But in most cases it is not true. Soap mixes with fallen hair stick to the drain or twist around the strainers. Every time you have a shower, more soap and hair stick to the existent clog and the situation gets worse. As soon as the clog is too big to let water drain normally your water starts going up.

How to Unblock the Clog

The fastest and most convenient way is to call for a TPG specialist. As soon as he arrives you may go back to your daily routine or work forgetting about the problem. The bill usually goes up to $100 but the situation is worth it. What do you get calling for a plumber? First, you forget about the clog. Second, you save time and energy. Third, your bathroom and shower surface will stay clean and you won’t have to wash your clothes afterwards to get rid of the Stinky Smell.

So, phone tel. 416-857-3930 and we are on our way!

How to Deal with the Situation on Your Own

If calling for a plumber is very expensive, you can try to deal with the situation yourself. What should you know and have for a start?

Let the clog soak in dish washing liquid and hot water for a while. It may help make the clog softer and a high pressure stream will remove the clog.

If it doesn’t help, take a flashlight and try to find where the problem is Unclog Shower Drain. Maybe, you’ll see the block or at least realize where it can be.

Be sure to have a garden hose. Put the garden hose into the shower drain as deep as possible. Put a small towel around the garden hose next to the drain. Connect the other end of the hose to the sink faucet and let the water go down it into the shower drain. If the water pressure is very high, it will help unclog the shower drain.

You can also try to use a plunger. The procedure is the same as in Cleaning Sink Drain.

Be careful to use chemical Drain Cleaners as they can spoil the situation even worse.