Backwater Valve Installation Toronto

IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT BACKWATER VALVE INSTALLATION TORONTOThe water may get into your house through Basement Floor Drains, sinks, laundry standpipes, water closets and sump pits. The overloaded Storm Water Systems or municipal sewage force waste Water Back Up through your drains Backwater Valve Installation Toronto. Thus, if your home has foundation drains, downspouts or pipes connected to a Main Sewer Line, then Backwater Valve Installation is vital to avoid disaster.

Indeed, the risk of Flooding can be greatly reduced with the help of a Backwater Valve. This tool is required to protect drainage openings and fixtures that are set below grade.  It is successfully used to prevent the sanitary drain, which is connected with the subsoil drainage pipe from Sewage Backups.

Actually, Backflow Valves can be set in two ways:

  • on the main sewer pipe inside the foundation floor;
  • on the main sewer pipe outside the foundation.

Backwater Valve Installation is essential to prevent liquid from accumulating around your foundation. This also helps you ensure that you consume safe water.

Maintenance tips

Backwater Valves are mechanical tools, so they require regular inspections.

Here is a list of procedures you should follow to ensure that your device is in proper condition.

  1. remove the cleanout plug;
  2. do a visual inspection with the use of a flashlight;
  3. inspect the tool for debris build-up;
  4. if debris is found, remove it carefully;
  5. inspect o-ring properly and replace if needed;
  6. ensure gate moves freely up and down;
  7. reinstall a sewer cleanout plug.

In case of any problems with the system, don’t hesitate to contact the experts and ask for advice.

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A Backwater Valve is a rather simple thing, though it is not simple to set Backwater Valve Installation Toronto. The correct installation of the device is crustal. If it is not placed in the proper location or at the proper angle it won’t save your house from the backflow of sewage.

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