Drain Repair Toronto

People wait till the last to have the repairs done. There is nothing we could do about it, it’s our nature Drain Repair Toronto. We see some Symptoms of the Drain Clog, and instead of dealing with them then and there, we wait till the last, until we cannot use our drain anymore.

Seems simple but it’s not

Occasionally a seems-to-be-a-simple-clog situation turns out to be a total disaster in your house. And simple repair won’t help. You should entrust your drain into our capable hands and sleep well. Though your problem may range from the most insufficient to a very complicated one, do not obsess over it – we can fix almost everything. Of course, in case of a serious damage we will Suggest the Replacement, but it isn’t obligatory.

How much?

IN NEED OF DRAIN REPAIR? - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUP - 416-857-3930The price of the repair depends on the gravity of the situation. In some cases it takes a lot of time just to find the damaged area and to assess the complications created by it. For instance, if the damage is underground, you will pay more, because you’ll need to excavate your yard or garden. In any case, our prices will pleasantly surprise you, for they are extremely low. Even the most expensive repair won’t appear as a financial difficulty to a middle-class citizen.

In case the damage is done to the city line, you may or may not get your refund for the damage caused to your drain as a result of the general malfunction. You can count on us anyway. Our company does its best to preserve your precious time and money.

Why me?

It is not always the owner’s fault that the Drain is Broken. Many people live in old building where the Plumbing Systems are as old as the buildings themselves. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a brand new building – you should expect some difficulties with your drain. The pipes wear out, Tree Roots may break them or some small animal may get stuck in them. There are tons of reasons, but only one solution to this problem – order our services.

We provide the detailed surveillance of your drain, assess the amount of damage and do all the necessary work quickly, professionally and neatly.

If you need any particular detail, or want the repair process explained to you, Please Call Us. Every Consultation is for Free; our consultants will gladly hear you out and politely explain all unclear points.