Waterproofing Basement Walls


You have this invaluable space in your house that could be anything Waterproofing Basement Walls. You could turn it into a playroom or a luxurious bathroom with hot-tub, Jacuzzi, or make of it anything that you ever dreamt of, but there is a problem on your way. This problem is  Moisture in your Basement.

Stop the Water from coming into your Basement

Your main aim is to stoop Flooding in your Basement.  It may be a minor wet area on your wall or an entire basement floor covered with water – it does not matter. Your Basement does not get enough sun light to dry on its own, and even with central heating in it, the air still remains somewhat humid and it is difficult to breathe.

You are facing more urgent issue when you discover Mould in your Basement. In that case you’ll have to get rid of it first and only then would you be able to Waterproof your Walls from the Inside.

What can be done to Waterproof Basement Walls from the Inside?

First of all you will have to dry your walls. For that you will need to make several holes in the wall, because the thickness of the wall does not dry that easily on its own. This way you will give access to the inside wall moisture and be faster rid of it.

Next step would be Sealing the Cracks in your Basement. Water finds way into your basement mainly through the Cracks in its Walls. If you seal them, there would be almost no way for the water to get in. You can do the sealing on your own or entrust it into the hand of a Professional Plumber Contractor to spare yourself the effort.

Another good thing would be to cover your walls with special Water-Resistant Solution that would go into all tiny and unnoticed Cracks and Holes, fill them up and block any way for the Water to enter your Basement.

And the final item on your list would be to Waterproof you Basement Floor, because when the water level in the ground rises during rainstorm or snow-melting, the pressure may cause water to seep inside through the floor. Here you most definitely would need a professional help.

If you are keen on doing everything on your own, there is a lot to learn and practice, but if you call us 416-857-3930, we will offer you the Best Service at the most Reasonable Price, answer any your questions and help you with any Plumbing Emergency in your house.