Install Sump Pump Battery Backup Toronto

The Basement Sum Pump System consists of a controller with a battery fluid sensor and a duel float switch, a pump with a pipe adapter, a plastic wire tie, a charger, a battery box, and a battery cap Install Sump Pump Battery Backup Toronto. If you aim to complete the installation by yourself, you’ll need a whole set of other equipment.


The Installation of the Sump Pump Battery

The installation process may seem pretty easy at first, but be sure to read the manual, all the instructions and warning in it carefully. A bucket should be close at hand in case the water needs to be emptied from the Sump Pit.

Sump Pump is basically a pipe connection, created to discharge the excess water. The installation includes a deal of cutting, drilling and gluing. So, be ready to get your hand dirty.

After plugging the Pump into the back of security unit, the battery wires should be connected to the battery terminals: the black wire goes to the negative post and the red one to the positive. On top of the wire you should put the wind knots and tighten them. To install the battery fluid sensor, you must remove the black cap and replace it with the one provided in the packed, afterwards insert the wire into the hole in the cap off the centre.

After the connection has been successfully performed, plug in the charger to get the battery running. If everything is done well and according to the manual, your construction should be working by now.

In case your Sump Pump Battery needs Replacement, the process should be repeated vice versa, that is you should disconnect all the wired and plugs in exactly the opposite order and after connecting the new battery step by step.

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