Install Weeping Tile Toronto

INSTALL WEEPING TILE AROUND HOUSE FOUNDATION - WATERPROOFING COMPANY IN TORONTO AND GTAYour basement often stands empty and useless. But it is a valuable living space that can be turned into anything you wish it to be. The only thing is to preserve it that way Install Weeping Tile Toronto. And the first and foremost enemy of your comfort is the moisture.

Once you have moved some furniture and other precious possessions in, you want them to serve you as long as possible, but if Flooding is a regular appearance in your basement, you will have trouble keeping it in tact and using it further.

The process of Drain Pipe (Weeping Tile) Installation

To help you preserve your basement you need to Install a Drain Tile (Weeping Tile) around your foundation and have it carry water away from your house.

Installation of a Drain Tile (Weeping Tile) can be massy. First of all, you will have to dig up a trench around your foundation which means destroying any pieces of landscaping you may have around it. The trench should reach as deep as your foundation goes. The part of the outside wall that will afterward go underground is going to be Waterproofed by covering it with a special water-resistant coat. Only after it is done, you may proceed to the installation itself.

Install a Drain Tile (Weeping Tile) and keep your basement safe

The inside of the trench should be laid out with filter cloth to prevent the dirt particles from getting inside the pipe and clogging it. On top of the cloth a layer of gravel is put to give the water access to the perforated pipe, because soil may resist it and as a result all the water will end up in your basement anyway.

When the Drain Tile (Weeping Tile) has been place around your foundation, take care to cover it with a layer of gravel as well and to wrap it all up tightly in the filter cloth. By doing so not only you give water easy access to the pipe, but you also block the slit from coming in.

In the end you will have to put all the dug-up dirt back in and to spread it carefully.  On top of your Drain Tile (Weeping Tile) you are free to put any piece of the landscaping design you wish, because now water will keep away from your basement.

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