Installing A Sump Pump System Toronto


In old houses where the basement wasn’t constructed properly and with poor hydro isolation, mould and mildew are a constant occurrence, occasional flooding is present as well. In this case there are two possible solutions: Dig Up a Trench and Waterproof the Wall from the outside or to Install a Sump Pump, which would be much simpler and less costly.

How to Install a Sump Pump in your Basement

  • First of all you should choose a place for your Sump Pump. It shouldn’t be far from the wall, about 12 inches from it so that you would not have the foundation as an obstacle.
  • After the location have been chosen, draw the outlines of the tray adding about 6 inches on each side. The width and depth of the tray should be larger than the sizes of the Sump Pump.
  • The next step would be to get rid of the layers of concrete and take out the soil and broken concrete to clear the space in the shaft.
  • For drainage purposes you should fill the space of the well with gravel. The gravel should surround the tray and reach no higher than 7 inches from the floor level.
  • Prepare the concrete solution and fill the space between the wall of the well and the tray. Wait for about ten hours to let the solution dry completely.

Complete the Installation of the Sump Pump

While connecting the Sewer Pipe to the Sump Pump, be careful, because you may end up with a light poisoning; to avoid this effect, you must keep the room air-conditioned Installing a sump pump system toronto. The poisonous air may also result from the solution fumes. The most common symptoms are headache and nausea.

The opening in the basement wall should be a little larger than the diameter of the pipe. After you have Installed the Sump Pump at the bottom of the well, you must connect it to the pipe.

In the end, when the installation is complete, you should try it out to see of everything works properly. For this purpose you can fill the well with water and turn on the Sump Pump.  The float should be regulated to respond to the certain level of flooding, otherwise it will not work in case of the access flooding, because the water will carry it to the wall and it will be stuck. When the water level has been reduced and the pump float is still stuck, it may result in the breakage of the Sump Pump.