Installing Drain Tile

To manage a successful Installation of a Drain Tile, you must follow the next steps:

  • The first step to install a drain tile is to dig up a trench around your house.
  • On the bottom of your trench you must make a layer of sand and gravel.
  • Waterproofing of the foundation wall is necessary, better to do it in two layers.
  • Pour some concrete solution on to the gravel and then comes the drainpipe itself.
  • The filter layer is made of larger gravel and without sand.
  • On top of it you put a net to keep the dirt from getting into the pipe and soiling it.
  • The final set would be to put back all the dirt where you have taken it and to do some landscaping so you house would look cosy and beautiful again.

To manage a successful installation you should follow the tips you may find on the Internet. Some of them will be very useful.  The Drain tile Installation is paired up with Waterproofing the Basement Walls, so you must be ready to do a load of work.

Install or not Install the Drain Tile around your Basement on your own

If to be honest, you will need Professional Help with excavation works. So, why not let our professionals deprive you of your problems and take care of your house. The certified specialists we offer you will deal with it all in matter of hours, while you would need at least a couple of days to get everything back to normal.

The best thing is that you can pre-order our services and have the Installation Performed any time day or night, but day is definitely better. Our round-the-clock operators wait for your call and always know how to help you with a good piece of advice.

Think about how great it would be when you do not have to worry about your Basement being Flooded any more. You will get an opportunity to convert it into whatever you have always wished it to be Installing Drain Tile.  Because the Seasonal Flooding do not only deprives you of these little luxuries, but threatens your health with mould and mildew. A lot of people do not realize that these are the most dangerous side effects of your Wet Basement.

This work is not for one man. Doing it yourself you will waste a lot of time and energy. Instead, you may give us a call and do something you have been putting off for a long time already.