Weeping Tile

Want to have a dry foundation space? Are you tired of the damp and mold in it? A Weeping Tile is the only method of keeping your basement safe. There are two variants which can be suggested by TPG contractors. The first one is an Exterior Weeping Tile.

The second one is the interior one. It is more efficient and will serve you for a long time. Let’s consider this variant closely.

How It’s Done

A Plastic Pipe is laid just under the floor around the interior perimeter of the building. Tiny flaws on the pipe allow water to seep through them and to the Sump Pump. The pipe is usually covered with gravel. It helps to keep the litter off the way and Stop Clogging the flaws.

The cement floor is broken making a ditch. The tile itself is about 10-12 cm wide. The trench should be wider to have enough space for the gravel. The trench is dug around the perimeter and to the sump of your basement. It should be counted while examining. The Weeping Tile is put into the ditch (holes up). Some tiles are fabric covered, so that this layer prevents soil and leaves from clogging. The end of the tiles goes to the sump box. After that the tile is covered with gravel.

Then cement is poured over everything.

Why Contact Us

Certainly, Installing Weeping Tile is impossible without digging the cement floor. So, it is not the work for amateurs. The ditch is graded providing an even slope towards the drainage spot. It should be counted professionally. If you make a mistake, you will have a flood in your basement area very soon. Sure, you can find information on how to do it yourself, but don’t risk your house safety. You are not going to do this every year.

TPG Experts

As soon as we get a signal from you, our contractors get in touch with you and make an appointment. We’ll come at any time suitable for you. We examine your situation, count everything and arrange the date for the installation. You can trust our company as we are Waterproofing Experts.