Wet Basement

If you’ve got  seepage or leaks in your foundation walls, we will provide you with  qualified help and you will forget about your Wet Basement Problems forever! Contact us 416-857-3930. All your questions will be answered.

Repairing a Leaking Basement Wall means both the inside and outside parts as you have to consider the situation properly. If the foundation has poor drainage, it allows water to find its way inside. Usually the problem is caused by a crack, a joint seepage, etc. A Wet Basement can turn your life into a nightmare consisting of seasonal rainfalls fears and dampness. But dampness is the least problem you can face as it is a slow death of your house. It can also provoke illnesses of your dearest.


It destroys the basement, furniture, things etc. It is an important  task to act very quickly. That’s where TPG comes forward to solve your Leakage Problems before the situation goes out of control and you have a flood. It won’t cost you anything to talk to our specialists and get advice in a comfortable atmosphere (our contractors will visit you at home and decide your particular problems).

Leakage Causes

  • A wrongly placed rain gutter downspout
  • Wrong deep position of the foundation
  • Simple condensation


We are specializing in solving your Foundation Leaks. Here are several methods how we can solve your problems.

Outside and Inside Waterproofing

The procedure is done from the outside of your house. All the nearby territory must be dug out to get to the basement walls. It is quite an expensive process. The Drain Pipe is installed around the perimeter of your house and then covered again. It only can be done in fine weather because the nearby territory can be destroyed.

The same procedure can be carried out from the inside. The Sump Pump gets the water out of the basement and makes it dry.

Sealing the Crack

If it’s done properly, it will last for a long time. The only thing to worry about is to find a decision that will not peel off the wall.

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