Leaking Drain Pipe

If you don’t know what a drain pipe is, you may consider yourself lucky. On the one hand, it is the first time you came into contact with leakages Leaking Drain Pipe. On the other hand, it is clear why your Basement is Damp.

TPG company specializes on solving Waterproofing Problems in your house. Our professional experts know everything about seepages and leakages. Feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll do our best to make your house a dry and comfortable place again. Forget about dampness and mold. You can have the best.

What is a Leaking Drain Pipe?

It is a Leak in the Drainpipe which can occur due to the rainfall when the water gets behind the pipe and runs into the cracks in the walls.

It is dangerous as water will find its way through tiny cracks and make them huge. Do you need a Flood in your Basement? Certainly not.

How We Fix It

First, we prepare the place under the Drainpipe. Then we cover the floor with a cloth. After that we put mortar around the Drainpipe opening away (wooden supports should be put away as well) and brush the opening to remove the remaining dirt. Then we close the opening with hydraulic cement deep. The cement will set up in a few minutes.

It seems very simple and really it is. But don’t try to repair a Leaking Drain Pipe yourself. This work should be done by a professional, not by an amateur.