Experiencing the problem when a faucet in your house stops functioning properly brings on irritation and a larger bill. Thus, taking this situation head-on is a surefire way to reduce costs as well as gain new experience.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber

One of the solution to the problem described is to call a 24 hour emergency plumber, whose services are always available and can definitely make one of your worries vanish. The plumber is capable of fixing a faulty faucet as well as prevent other faucets in your house from start leaking. An additional check-up is really needed since you don’t want to spend more on additional repair works.

Home Repair

However, if you feel confident enough to take care of a broken faucet, there is no other way to prove it than do it yourself. Fixing a faucet isn’t the simplest thing ever, but if you pay attention to the recommendations below the process will be as easy as a pie. In doing so, you will also cut down the costs on additional services that could be easily avoided.

Leaky Shower Or Bathtub Faucet Repair

Fixing a shower or a bathtub faucet has a few stages that if followed carefully can ease the repair.

  • Figure out where the problem area is. Pay attention to the dripping.
  • After finding the problem, turn the main supply off (you may switch it off in the bathroom or in the basement).
  • Take the cap of the faucet off (it usually has a sign or reads either cold or hot). The cap has in the most cases a decorative function (can vary by design). Clean it up properly.

  • Unscrew the inside screw carefully to get to the stem.
  • Take the handle off. You may need a screwdriver to pry it loose very gently.
  • Use a rotary tool to make holes around the socket. Pull the outer layer out of the wall.
  • Put a faucet wrench that fits well, use an adjustable wrench to get to the bottom of the stem where a rubber washer is, which must have worn out. Unscrew it and change a rubber washer to a new one. Don’t screw it too tight.
  • Put the stem to its initial position using an adjustable wrench. Brush the dirt away. Put the handle on. Switch on the main supply.