Let Your Bathroom Say it all!

Let Your Bathroom Say It All

Fall is here and guests are on the way! It’s very common thing when holidays are round the corner and there’s so much pressure of catering the guests. Making house presentable enough is an important task. But what is more important is making your bathroom and toilet presentable and equipped enough for your guests.

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If you’re confused on where to spend the money to get the best bathroom in best prices, you don’t have to worry at all as TPG Plumber has got your back. Here’s how you can make your bathroom a little more presentable this fall:

  1. Toilet topper: The toilet tank is the only place which gets least attention while dusting and maximum attention while you are using the same. If you’re concerned whether it is presentable enough for the guests to see it and you don’t have time to clean it daily, use n attractive towel to cover it.
  2. The Old Towel trick: After a person uses the bathroom, it can seem visibly dirtier. Water from the sink can splash onto the countertop; hairs can fall when a person fixes themselves up, etc. A good trick is to keep an extra hand towel underneath the sink. This way you can go into the bathroom sporadically, grab the towel, and wipe everything down. For close relatives, you can even let them know about this towel so they can do it themselves!
  3. Make it smell nice: Smell plays an extremely important part. If the toilet smells nice, you get compliments and if it smells bad, you get more attention. Always ensure to use something that makes it smell nice.

But apart from making it presentable, make sure it works properly and need no repairs. And if it does, Toronto Plumbing Group is the best place to go to! Call us now ☎ (416) 857-3930!