Looking After Your Plumbing Systems

A large proportion of any plumbing system remains hidden beneath floors and behind walls, making it difficult to reach. An issue in its working cannot be solved simply by the homeowners. Presence of latest tools combined with innovational solutions is important, and this is what our team at Toronto Plumbing Group has been providing from nearly two decades.

With an experience of more than 19 years in the industry, Toronto Plumbing Group Scarborough guarantees to tackle any plumbing job, no matter how simple or complex it might be. Our plumbing solutions do not end just here, we also offer a wide gamut of useful services that might save you from any unwanted plumbing system mess in the future.

Most Common Causes

Problems with blockages can be serious and cause trouble. Dealing with the issue as soon as possible is the best one can do, as these clogs tend to worsen over time. Going fordrain repairScarboroughprofessional help might be the right decision, but before that have a look at some of the factors we’ve listed below and understand how they happen.


  • Tree Roots – Tree roots can work their way in even if there are tiniest cracks in your pipes. Once inside, these roots can potentially grow and obstruct water flow.
  • Years of mineral built up –If the water supply is hard where you live, then there are chances that drains can get blocked up over time by mineral deposits. Reduced water flow can result from such problems.
  • Grease – When pouring fat down the drain, it is a common misbelief that hot water can prevent them from blocking drains. On the contrary, grease and oil solidify the most in the pipes and demands an expert’s attention.
  • Dirt – Dirt holds the potential of forming blockages and resulting in clogs, especially when combined with different objects unhealthy for your sewer lines. It must be prevented and kept away from your sinks.
  • Small Solid Objects –If the opening remains unprotected by a guard, small objects like rocks or keys flushed down the toilet drains can cause serious troubles.

Our Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services

Toronto Plumbing Group offers comprehensive drain cleaning services in Scarborough to keep your plumbing system healthy and safe from any unwanted clogs and blockages. Our team offers a vast range of cleaning services to treat any clogged drain or pipe. Given below are few of our drain repair services:

  • Sink Drain Cleaning of Sinks
  • Shower Drain Cleaning Of Showers
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Cleaning Of Sewer Lines

Make sure your plumbing system deserves fair treatment from professionals like ours. When you run into a plumbing problem, just call our Sewer Repair Team in Toronto Scarborough and we’ll be there. Whether it is sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, installation, or just regular inspections, contacting our sewer cleaning specialists in Toronto Scarborough is the right solution.