Sewer Line Backup Toronto


Among many other Plumbing Emergencies Sewer Backup is the most common one Sewer Line Backup Toronto. It is also the most dangerous both to your health and property.

There are several methods of Sewer Backup Prevention:

  • Plugs;
  • Standpipes;
  • Valves;
  • Overhead sewers.

Each of the above mentioned types of prevention has its merits and flaws.

Plugs and Standpipes as Sewer Backup Prevention

Both Plugs and Standpipes do not require any permits or city authorities to be notified. The advantage of such prevention of Sewer Backup is that the Installation of these does not ask for any high-tech equipment or professional opinion.

If you are sure that your Sewer Pipes are in good condition, you may as well go ahead and install any of these two items. But if there is any chance that your Sewer is Damaged, you’d better not do that. The pressure created by the gathered Sewer Waters may Cause your Pipes to Burst, creating even worse havoc and destruction.

Backwater Valves

The Best Option to secure your house against a Sewer Backup is Installing a Backwater Valve. It may be either automatic (check) valve or a manual (gate) one. The distinction of those two speaks for itself. Logically, the check valve has more advantages, one of them being its working without any trigger being pulled.

The obvious positive side of a Check Valve is that when you are out and the Sewer Backup has come upon your house, it closes on its own and you just have to check on it when you come back home. If the gate is up, it is an obvious sign that sewer waters tried to discharge into your house.

The one major disadvantage of such valve is that it should be constantly maintained, you should check every time if it is not blocked by debris, disabling it to close in time.

Other Backup Preventing Measures

Before you use any of the above, you should make sure that use take Simple Precautions against backups, such as throwing foreign objects into your sewer, dumping oils and disposing of grease. You’d better check if no trees grow along or close to your Sewer Line, because Tree Roots are the cause of 90% of Sewer Backups.

Of you take all these steps and still are afraid of the Sewer Backup, you should call us. We will send a Certified Plumber to make sure that you sewer waste is securely kept inside your pipes and nowhere near the inside of your house.