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For how long your shower head is dripping you never know until or unless you come across a situation where you can hear the tip-top of the drops of water while you’re resting in your nearby room to bathroom silently without any stress. However, the stress occurred Plumbing Services Mississauga. The stress of dripping shower head and how can you fix it? Do you need a plumber in Toronto or Mississauga? Is it fixable? Hundreds of questions start to run in your head and therefore, TPG’s emergency plumber Toronto have imparted a manual on how to fix the dripping shower head. Let’s take a look:

Give extra turns to lose handle

It is not necessary that your shower is dripping because of loosening of the handle, however, there could be other reasons. We start with checking the effortless one. Take a look at your shower’s handle. Do you think it is loose enough? Compare it with the other shower in the home (if there is any!) Giving extra turn to or tighten yours lose handle. Simply the dripping will stop if this one is the cause.

Water Valve status — OFF

From the caressing advice of plumber Mississauga, it is recommended to the customers to always consider turning off the water valves while fixing the leaking shower heads for safety reasons. However, you may or may not be willing to reach your water valve as in some cases, it is not outside or exposed but fixed inside the walls or according to the plumbing system of the home. Thus, if you’re finding it unwilling to reach water valve; don’t help yourself and call plumbing service Toronto’s professional plumber.

Unscrewing shower head

This is one of the majorly considered tips that result good for the customers. Indeed, sometimes shower head’s old part get disbalance and full of dirt and thus, they’re required to be fixed from time-to-time. You’re no plumbing experts and so, you get worried about the consistent leaking of the shower head. In this case, you’re only required to unscrew the shower head (use the tool if you’re having a bad grip) and see, if all the parts are clean and not gone rusty or damaged. If yes, call Plumbing service Mississauga for replacement.

Deposition of Minerals

Hard water is no more a subject of rareness; in three of five customers come with the complaint of shower clogging. This happens due to deposition of minerals discharge by hard water within the shower Plumbing Services Mississauga. Indeed, the deposition causes the leak in the shower. If you’re seeking such issue in the home; you’re required to fix both the problem of hard water and the dripping showers. Call your plumber (416) 857-3930.