Pipe Relining Toronto

No-Dig or Trenchless Technologies present for you a new way to do your repairs, without excavation and additional expenses Pipe Relining Toronto. While performing this kind of repair, 90% of all word is done underground. In comparison with the old-school methods, the trenchless one is twice as cheap.

Moreover this method is much more environmentally friendly and safe.

For your convenience we use the mechanism for Trenchless Pipe Relining.

The advantages of the No-Dig Pipe Relining:

  • Relining and replacement without excavation;
  • Work from the well of any diameter;
  • The possibility of enlarging the diameter of the well;
  • Relining from well to well, without any ground intrusion;
  • The length of the relining reaches up to 100 metres;
  • Completely independent work;
  • No need of any additional equipment;
  • No necessity for the replacement of the asphalt on the road and sidewalk;
  • No intrusion into the usual routine of your town or city;
  • No need to close the roads for the repair;
  • The existing connections are not broken.

The working principle of No-Dig Pipe Relining

Drain, Sewer or Water Pipe Relining means creating an inner layer inside the pipe that would replace the existing pipe in case of the demolition of the latter one. To Reline you Pipes Without Digging them up, we use a special hose that consists of the relining material which subsequently with the help of water-pressure devise will be adhered to the pipe walls.

Pipe sanitation is aimed at the renewal of their primary functions and their restoration. Trenchless pipe relining is good for the environment as well as for your pocket. During the usual process of Pipe Repair, the fragment of the original pipe should be cut off and removed, and at the moment of cutting, extremely dangerous elements are being released into the air. These are not only dangerous to human health by themselves, but also trigger the development of countless diseases.

To avoid the danger, you should seriously consider pipe relining as the best option. The relining material replaces the damaged section of the pipe.  Moreover, it prevents Tree Roots and Small Animals from getting inside the pipe, so you have a chance to avoid the next Clog and Backup in your house.  The modern city life cannot suffer to be stopped because you want to Reline or Replace your Pipe, therefore No-Dig Pipe Relining is your only reasonable option.