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NO-DIGGING TECHNOLOGY: PIPES REPLACEMENT HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUPIs it possible to Replace Pipes with minimal disturbance to landscaping and property? This is a question most homeowners want to find an answer to when facing any Drain or Sewer Problems Blocked Pipe.

Toronto Plumbing Group offers their clients No-Digging Technology Pipes Replacement.

This modern method has a huge number of advantages. Most people who need Pipes Replacement are not familiar with the term No-Digging or Trenchless Pipe Replacement. So what does it mean?

No Digging Technology or as it is often called Trenchless Pipe Line Replacement means splitting or replacing an old pipe while inserting a new one. This technology is really simple but the difference between No-Digging method of drain Pipe Replacement and the old methods that were used before is really huge.

So what is the difference?

Minimal surface disruption is the main advantage of this technology. It means Pipe-Replacing Work can be done Without Digging ugly and long trenches that usually disrupt sidewalks, lawns, driveways and any other property feature above an underground line.

“No-dig” technology allows Toronto Plumbing Group to Replace your Pipes Without Digging Trenches. The method is simple. Only 2 access holes need to be created. A steel bursting head will be pulled through your pipe by a hydraulic ram. A hardened steel splitting head breaks through the existing Sewer or Drain Pipe and pulls the new pipe behind it.

No Digging Technology Drain Pipes Replacement allows making an improvement without time involved in excavation, disruption and mess.

TPG experts of Pipe Replacement

Have extensive landscaping? Don’t want to disturb it during Drain Pipes Replacement? No need to use the standard Pipe Replacement method. Consider the one that includes Trenchless Technologies. Partial or total Pipe Line Replacement with No-Dig Method is your valuable option.

Whenever No-Digging technology is required, Toronto Plumbing Group is your best team of experts that can identify, repair and replace. Our Plumbers perform Pipe Replacement with economy, professionalism, sanitation, time considerations and safety. When it comes to No-Digging Technology Pipes Replacement, TPG is the best choice for clean and efficient replacement. Call TPG and find out your options in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Oakville, Vaughan, Brampton, ThornHill.