Backwater Valve Installation


Backwater valve is an important requirement in every house while doing all the plumbing installation chores. But the sad part is, majority of the households or even individuals aren’t even aware of what a backwater valve is and why is it important.

Backwater valve is made up of two words – backwater and valve. It means the device controlling the passage of water towards the back. So backwater valve is the valve that stops of the back flow of water in pipes. Sometimes when the flow of water is a little slow from the main line, water stops flowing towards your home’s pipeline, it is because of the missing of backwater valve in the pipe. Had there been a valve to stop the back flow, water had no choice than to flow in the forward way.

Hence it is very important to have backwater valve in your pipes to prevent the water traveling back into your property. Especially when you are residing in a city like GTA or Toronto, backwater flow is major problem in the times of severe rains.

If you want are afraid of living in a wet apartment with damaged property and flooded basement, it is the high time that you pick up your phone and book an appointment with TPG. Toronto Plumbing Group provides free visits, consultation and inspection in case there’s a need for backwater valve. And if there is, TPG employs extremely professional and trained staff which easily installs valves in existing water pipes and makes your life a little simple, easy and dry. Also, all kinds of services done under by the plumbers under TPG comes with a warranty card of approximately 25 years.

So what are you waiting for? Get your water logging system checked and inspected for free and if there are any changes required, Toronto Plumbing Group has your back.