Drain Pipes Leaking

We can’t live without water. But what if water causes problems like leakage or seepage? What if after every rain your basement turns into a swimming pool? Drain Pipes Leaking If your Drain Pipes Leak, you’ll be able to have a bath in your foundation very soon.

TPG Plumbing Company is the one you can trust your Sewer Line Repair works. We will do our best to make your house comfortable without excess troubles. It always happens so that drain pipes go out of control at the most inconvenient time, and you just don’t know what to do. Call 416-857-3930 and all your troubles will vanish.

We do not only remove the plumbing problem you are having at the very moment but examine the Waterproofing System of your house and point at possible future ones. The earlier we diagnose the drain problem, the less it will cost for you.

We also install quality materials Drain Pipes Leaking. We guarantee long term usage of our Drain, Sewer and other Waterproofing Systems. We are not interested in visiting you often. But if you have a Blocked Drain Pipe (sink, toilet, washing machine, shower), we are on our way!

At the moment we are offering a new technology of Repairing Leaking Drainpipes. It requires no digging so your garden won’t be spoiled. You may ask “How will it be done if there is no digging?” But it is really possible. It is not necessary to Change the Pipes. What we mean is that we just put a new pipe into the existing one (cured-in place pipe).


It is not expensive, but eco-friendly and clean. You don’t have to tidy your patio for a week after the procedure. It also has a 25-year-warranty and in addition it is very fast.

Interested? Contact our Drain Pipe Repair experts right now.