Drain Pipe Repair

PLUMBING DRAIN PIPE REPAIR IN TORONTO AND GTA - DRAINING, PLUMBING AND WATERPROOFING COMPANYWe never pay much attention to the Draining System in our house until it stops working properly Drain Pipe Repair. The first signs of such malfunction may be Sewer Odour in our house or the Water not Draining in your Sink. In suck case you may either try to determine the cause on your own or Call Us 416-857-3930, and we’ll have your Problem Dealt With.

Drain Pipe Check-Up and Repair

To know what is wrong with your Drain Pipes, we should examine them first and point out the cause for the occurring inconvenience. There may be several causes for the pipe to malfunction:

  • blockage, it means the pipe is clogged and needs simple unclogging with a plumbing snake;
  • breakage, if the pipe is cracked or damaged; it needs either repair or replacement;
  • initially wrongly placed fixture.

If to find out the first to we need to do a though Surveillance of the Pipes, the last one is obvious if we ask the owner of the house  or building about the way the Drainage System worked before he incident. If our suspicions are confirmed and some little defects in the functioning of the drain have been noticed before, all we have to do is find a misplaced fixture and replace it. However, sometimes, due to a regular wok of the mishandled fixture, some pieces would need to be repaired or even replaced.

Our Plumbing Service Repairs your Drain Pipe

We do careful surveillance of your drain pipes to rule out any possible surprises in the future, so you may sleep in peace. Limiting your plumbing issues is our top priority. You are always given an option on whether to start a reconstruction of your drain pipe or to replace it entirely.

But you are not on your own. Our professionals will advise you on the best decision, but all is surely up to you. The Prices are Reasonable enough, so you won’t have to worry that you are going to spend a fortune on the repair itself.

We wok only with Licensed Professionals and make sure they meet all the demands and requirements of a Professional Plumber. Our office hours are not limited to an eight-hour schedule; you may call us any time and order a service, and be sure that the plumber will come at any time that is best suitable for you. While ordering you may receive complete and exhaustive information on all maintenance processes.