Relining Sewer Pipes Toronto

RELINING OLD SEWER PIPES - DRAIN SERVICE IN TORONTO & GTA Sewer Pipe Relining is a money and time saving alternative to Sewer Pipe Replacement. Only a decade or two ago if your pipe was Cracked or Broken, the only option you had was to replace it, but not today Relining Sewer Pipes Toronto. The Modern Plumbing Technologies allow you to Repair your Pipe without turning your yard into a mess.

Benefits of the Sewer Pipe Lining

There are a Lot of Positive Sides to this Method of Pipe Repair that may bring you round and make you choose it as a variant of your Pipe Repair. Among other benefits, the following may be named:

  • Low cost of repair compared to the replacement;
  • Relining may be done inside the pipes of all sizes, from 100mm to 1.5m in diameter;
  • The inside layer of the pipe would become rust-proof;
  • The new walls of the pipe would become tree-root resistant;
  • There are no joints, and the resin covers the entire surface of the pipe from the inside, closes all cracks and damaged places, so as the pipe would look as good as new from the inside;
  • No-digging technology keeps your landscape safe and lessens the time of repair;
  • The technology is environmentally friendly and ecologically safe.

All these merits taken into account, the Relining definitely wins the competition and should be chosen by both house and business owners.

How we do Old Sewer Pipe Relining

Even if the process itself sounds like an easy one, it is definitely not. To proceed to the final stage of such repair, a couple of actions must be done. First of all, we do the Initial Check-Up of your Sewer Pipe, because however good the lining substance may be, it will not be possible to use it if the pipe is in the advanced stage of decay. In such case the only possible option is replacement.

After the Sewer Camera surveillance has been finished and the pipe’s state proven appropriate, the pipe must be Cleaned of all Tree Roots, oil, slime, grease and dirt. Using our special equipment, we perform the cleaning-out and try to leave as little as possible of the above mentioned waste.

When the Pipe is Clean, the resin may be applied and it will stick to the wall of the pipe, forming a single unity together with the pipe.

Order Sewer Pipe Relining

If you suspect that your Sewer Line Needs Repair or have definite proof of its malfunction, call us immediately. We answer Calls at all hours day and night, also on weekends. Our consultant will fill you in on the price list and advice you on the best option for you.