Repair Leaking Basement Wall


If you live in an old house, you are running the risks of experiencing a Flooded Basement twice as often as those who live in newer houses Repair Leaking Basement Wall. This is not because your home is improperly built, but because water works its way through basement walls with time and the more time passes, the more likely the possibility is.

There are several reasons for basement flooding:

  • rainstorm water building up against your basement wall and creating pressure, and as a result water gets into every small Crack Inside the Walls or creates its own ones;
  • the ground slopes into your foundation instead of sloping away from it and eventually a low spot for water is created where water gathers against the walls of your house;
  • driveway sloping into your house creates none the smaller problems and may cause flooding;
  • your neighbours draining system or even your own, if installed improperly, may become the root of the problem of your Wet Basement.

Leaking Basement Wall and its repair

Your basement can be used for many purposes; the most common one is storage. But if your Basement is Flooded, then is becomes just useless space.

To Repair the Leaking Basement Wall, you need to determine the cause of the leak. It may be a small crack or shifted basement wall. The price of the repair is determined by it.

Generally, the larger cracks are better sealed from the outside. A wide trench should be dug up as deep as the basement itself. And after the crack has been sealed, the Wall must be Waterproofed, so the water wouldn’t try to penetrate the wall through the same spot.

Symptoms of the Leaking Basement Wall

Among the possible signs and symptoms of the Leaking Basement Wall may be musty smell in the air, you fell high humidity and it is difficult to breathe. You may air-condition your basement an temporarily get rid of the problem, but not get the permanent result.

Another couple of visible signs are mildew on the walls, heavy condensation on the windows and moist walls. These may not be the warnings of a leaking wall, but simple signs of temperature differences between humid and warm room air and cold walls.

The most alarming sign is when you see Water on the Basement Floor or notice it trickling down the Crack in the Wall. If the previous two situations did not require immediate maintenance, this one is critical.

You need to Call a Plumber 416-857-3930 and Have the Crack Sealed. The repair takes up to two hours and does not leave a lot to clean up. We advise to Install External Drainage System, but it is entirely up to you.