Sewer Backup

It is really great to have a basement. All this space is never abundant, but on the contrary helps to preserve the order in the above house Sewer Backup. Basement is a valuable storage area or an entertainment zone.

But the Basement Drain can be a real pain in the back is it Backs Up right all over your precious possessions and ruins them.

The dangers of Sewer Back Up

The water in your basement is bad by itself. However, the Sewer Water in your Basement is the entirely new level of bad, for example:

  • Sewer waters carry dangerous bacteria that threaten your health and wellbeing, and as a result, you house would need to get sanitised;
  • Sewer gasses releases into the air together with the water backup are none the less dangerous and contaminating;
  • As well as with general water backup, you may get electrocuted, so you’d better turn off the electricity as soon as possible;
  • Now you possessions are not only wet and possibly ruined, they are also infected, which makes it almost impossible to use them ever again.

Why does your basement Drain Back Up?


There are several reasons for the Sewer Backup out of your Drain. The most common of them is a Blocked Sewer. Your Sewer may be Blocked close to the house, that’s why you’d want to make sure that none of the in-home drains are being used to eliminate the cause for further Backup.

The most often occurring external reason for a Sewer Backup is Tree Roots in the Sewer, which Block the way for the waste water and create a natural Clog. In this case a razor pointed Plumbing Snake should be used to Cut the Roots and Remove them from the Sewer Line, and to let the water through.

Another natural cause is rainstorm water. If your Basement Drain is on the lower level than the ground waters, then at some point the water is going to flow all the way Back Up into your basement, because it would have nowhere else to go.

The best method to Prevent a Sewer Backup in your basement is to Install a Backflow Valve and be secure that even when you are not home, the valve would work on its own and protect you house, and your basement in particular from Flooding.

Deal with the Sewer Backup in your basement

If you have problems fixing all the havoc on your own, Call Us at Any Time. Our consultant would be glad to give you any advice and to answer any of your questions.