Broken Sewer Line

You suspect a Sewer Line Breakage in your house – call a Licensed Plumber immediately. This problem is no minor one and needs immediate tending Broken Sewer Line. The damage caused by a Broken Sewer may be quite costly to Repair.

How to know that your Sewer Line is Broken

There are several signs of a Broken Sewer. Among them the most important are:

  • White residue in your basement as a sign of water coming and going;
  • Sewer Smell in your basement and in the house;
  • Flooded areas in your back yard or demolished asphalt on your driveway;
  • Muddy splotches of the ground in your front yard combined with constant Sewer Smell.

There are many other signs, but the above mentioned are noticeable to the regular citizens. If the occurrence of any of the above mentioned catches your eye – call us and we will come to your rescue.

Reasons for Broken Sewer Pipes

SEWER LINE BROKEN UNDER HOUSE - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUPThe first and main reason for the Cracks in your Sewer Pipes is age. Some older houses have clay pipes that tend to break due to the constant exposure to different weather conditions, such as changes in temperature, moisture, microorganisms. Such pipes are damage-prone and it is unreasonable to repair them as the same situation may occur in the nearest future. The best option is to replace them.

The second reason is also a natural one – Tree Roots. Once the pipe has been invaded by Tree Root, it means that even after Clearing those out, they will grow inside again. Here the lining of the pipe is a good option, but not a perfect one. You may want to Replace the Damaged Area of the pipe.

The best and cheapest option in case of Pipe Breakage is pipe lining. However, in some cases it may not be effective and even pointless. All depends on the amount of damage to the pipe.

We deal with your Broken Sewer

Our services include both the Repair and the Replacement of the Sewer Pipes. Consultation over the phone 416-857-3930 is Free of charge, but we cannot tell for sure the gravity of the break, unless we see it. To check your pipes we use the Surveillance Video Equipment that helps to bring to the minimum the mess created during the process of fixing your pipes. With the help of CCTV cameras we locate the exact area of the breakage and perform the repair with Minimum Digging.

We work in Toronto (GTA), Scarborough, North York, Oakville, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, ThornHill, Brampton.