Sewer Cleaning Toronto

Toronto Plumbing Group specializes in all kinds of services, from Drain Repair to Sewer Leak Repair. We ensure that your Plumbing Systems work well and do not cause you any disturbances Sewer Cleaning Toronto. Our specialists are ready to come to your rescue any time day or night and fix what needs to be fixed.


If your Sewer Leaks

A definite sing of a Sewer Leak may be wet area in your yard that does not go away even in dry weather. Another possibility is the Smell of Sewer in your house, which is very noticeable and annoyingly unpleasant.

If you notice any of those two signs, you may be sure that there is something wrong with your sewer line. At first you may be convinced that it is a Blocked Sewer that causes these problems and try to clear it with the help of items at hand, but those methods won’t effective.

In this case you might want to call us and ask for a plumber to deal with the issue. And we will send you a specialist right away.

We find a Leak in your Sewer and Repair it

Contrary to the practice of previous generation of Plumbing Services, we no longer need to dig trenches in your front yard to get to the source of the problem.  We use CCTV drain cameras inspection and detectors that help us Find Leaks in the Sewer without actually excavation the pipes.

Depending on the gravity of the damage, our specialists may try to Repair the Pipe. The most popular method of Pipe Repair is Lining. It guarantees that even the Unnoticed Crack would be sealed and the pipe would be as good as new again. And it lasts too.

In some cases the pipe cannot undergo any repairs and you just need to change it. If it is true with your sewer, our professional plumbers will advise you on the best option. You may trust us to take care of your Sewer Line and your piece of mind.

Call us and have your Sewer Repaired

Whatever the emergency, whatever time, we are always here ready to answer your call. FREE advice is given to you over the phone if you need any detailed information. Also our team is always ready to answer your questions and to vanquish your doubts. Do not worry: if you change your mind about the type of repair – we are always ready.

We use the updated and cautiously tested equipment to prevent any unexpected situations. Every malfunction of the plumbing system in your house is now our concern.