TPG Company offers you all sorts of Plumbing Services, Drain Pipe Cleaning, Cleaning Sink Drain, Trenchless Water Line Replacement and Broken Water Main. Our main idea is to solve all your problems and difficulties, remove clogs of any kind. We Clean Out Clogs in apartments, private houses, offices. Our contractors are equipped with all kinds of instruments to complete the repairs fast and reliably.

We are not only professionals in Cleaning Out Clogs but we Fix and Install Sewer, Water Pipes, provide Plumbing Fixing Works, Trenchless Water Line Replacement.

Contacting us you get a free consultation on the amount of work to be done, prices, equipment needed, time taken, etc. We offer you the latest technological devices for Plumbing Works.

Using Drain Snake you’ll manage to deal with the Sewer Clog on your own if you are not afraid of dirt and stinky smell. If so, we will solve the situation in minutes.

Mechanical and electrical devices will shorten the time needed to fight with Clogged Drains. High pressure hydrodynamic apparatus and a great amount of specially made nozzles will help overcome any problem in a moment and clear out any clog. Our CCTV Cameras will not only help find the clog, but see pipes damages, their condition as well. We also have powerful equipment for clearing wide diameter pipes used at factories and plants.

If it is not a clog that caused the problem, we provide all sorts of replacements Trenchless Bursting Pipe Method), Installing New Sewer Pipes, Fixing the Damage if it’s possible. Tree Roots, Corrosion, earth movements may lead to Pipes Cracks. We offer you PVC or copper pipes which are more resistant to the outer conditions.

We value your time and that is why we react immediately to your call. Works are done carefully and accurately. We don’t leave litter, instruments in your pipes, clear out fats, clogs, unpleasant smell. All the Sewer Pipe Clean Out works are guaranteed afterwards and we give recommendations on how to use the Sewer System to avoid Clogs in the future.