Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Cameras are extraordinary inventions of our age. Only a couple of years ago the Plumbing Companies would have to dig a trench along the sewer line to find a problem that bothers you Sewer Camera Inspection. But today all you need is to call us and ask for a video inspection of your sewer line and get it over with.


Reasonable Price of Sewer Video Inspection

The cost of such inspection can depend first of all on the quality of the equipment: the newer the equipment, the higher the price. And of course it is better to have your sewer checked with up-to-date equipment, then to omit some vital detail and have it rechecked over and over again.

We do not require our customers to order any additional services, except when they are absolutely necessary and important for the proper functioning of the sewer line. Many companies tend to earn money and require purchasing additional service if the cost of the sewer check is too low.

Advantages of Sewer Camera Check

Our equipment lets us record all the data about your Sewer Line. It has an inbuilt navigation system that helps to Find the Location of the Damage or Block in the Sewer and lessens the amount of digging-up in your front yard.

The Sewer Camera we use can reach up to 300 feet into the sewer and check every inch of your pipe up to the point where it connects with the municipal sewer line. You cannot do it yourself, as the cameras used in household reach only 15 feet into the sewer and the type of Sewer Cameras we use are very expensive (up to 15 000 dollars).

Complexity and Functions of Sewer Camera

But their price is not the only issue; they are complicated and need a Professional Hand to handle them. We provide such hand for your benefit. You don’t have to do the Video Inspection of your Sewer Line more than once a year, unless it is circumstantially necessary.

Our Plumbing Specialists will check and double-check your sewer pipes to make sure that there is no damage inside. But do not be under the impression that you will get a movie out of your inspection.  Because the camera has to be pushed down the line manually, as it does not have an automatic mechanism, the picture may be unstable and wavy.

The camera also has a zoom function and is able to tell how far it is Inside the Sewer Line and how deep it is underground.

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