Solve the mystery of showers or baths, with Plumber!

Personal choice is always a dominant factor when narrowing down any conversation to what is better – showers or baths. But it is good to take some other factors in consideration too, like water conservation and what your bathroom prefers.

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Plumber has brought some arguments which can help you decide what to choose the next time.
In terms of water conservation, an average bath tub can hold roughly 35 gallons of water. However, it’s safe to assume it will be filled with about 25 gallons of water, as you’ll also be in it. And at the same time, average shower head dispenses 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Therefore, if you take a shower longer than 10 minutes, taking a shower will be more wasteful. On the contrary, if your showers are under 10 minutes in length, taking a bath will be more wasteful.

In terms of the drainage system, if you take long hot showers, you are likely to develop mold in the bathroom due to running water that may lead to damage of drains and pipes. Also, all the hair going down lead to clogging of pipes and drain and you may need to get your drain cleaning process or unclogging of the pipes soon.

Bath tubs, on the counter part, don’t lead to develop of mold as it is standing water for a while. The only problem that you can face while taking a bath in bath tub is lot of pressure while in the pipeline while dispensing the water, which is a good thing. This helps the pipe experience speedy flow and it cleans the pipes, in case any thing is there.

But if your personal preference is still the dominating factor, Plumber has got your back with people trained enough to tackle any repair or tap or pipe. A part from this, we are offering all plumbing services.