Sump Pump Drainage System

SUMP PUMP DRAINAGE SYSTEM INSTALLED - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUPYou cared enough to install the necessary protection for your basement in case of flooding – now be so kind and have the Proper Drainage System Installed. On the Internet you may find loads of tips how to do it properly. But in some areas you may be held liable for the wrong drainage Sump Pump Drainage System. Your solution is simple – Call Us 416-857-3930 and we will do everything according to the law.

You were advised

Certainly you know how to do it. You’ve heard lots of times where it should be or how it should discharge the access water. But unless you are a trained professional in your field of expertise, you are practically doomed to miss some vital detail.

The main tips can be the following:

  • Do not place your Drainage Pipe any closer than 10 feet from your foundation (20 feet are even better); otherwise, the water will return to the ground and into your basement again; during the moist season your septic tank is overwhelmed as it is, it doesn’t need any additional pressure;
  • Do not drain you Sump Pump into the Sewer System as it may create Flooding;
  • Do not try to unload the access water into the neighbour’s garden: you may get charges for pollution and unpleasant relationships with neighbours on top of it all.

But even when you follow those three simple rules, you still are sure to face the difficulties of installation of such pipe.

We will do it for you

You concern yourself with the size of your Sump Pump and with the proper Draining Pipe. The solution is in front of you – call us and get this done. We will come at the best time for you. If you need some preliminary information – just call us for consultation. Don’t worry about the bill – consultations are free of charge.

We will answer all your questions about the work of the system and installation process; suggest the most suitable size of the equipment and the most reasonable prize for buying it. If you choose to buy if on your own, please consult us first.

After we are done with the Drainage System, your front yard or garden will look as neat as before. Only the Best Professionals will be at your service. Each member of the staff is Well-Experienced in every matter of the Plumbing Emergencies.

The service itself is Not Costly. You won’t even notice how quick it’s done. With us you save both your time and your money.