Sump Pump Installation

If your house lies in a low-ground area, or you live in the zone of constant rains or your basement is below the water plane, you have a reason for Sump Pump Installation.

What is a Sump and why does it need a Pump?

A Sump is a water basin that is usually situated in your basement where All Rain Water or Basement Waterproofing water gathers.  In case of heavy rain there might be a small flood in your house. A Sump Pump is a small-sized pump, which helps to get rid of the excessive water masses and to save your basement before moisture.  This Pump leads the water out of basement into the general sewer.

What is it for?

SUMP PUMP INSTALLATION IN BASEMENT - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUPMan people ask why they need such an installation if their house gets flooded only once a year and even then the amount of damage in very insufficient.  But what they don’t realise is the occurrence of mould and mildew in their basements, which not only gradually ruin the house, but also affect their health gravely.  These kinds of parasites are especially dangerous for human breathing system.

The y can be avoided, of course. If you care enough to Protect your House before the water strikes, you will be safe. And, even if there weren’t any occasions of water rising in your basement, you should be weary. As they say, better to be safe than sorry. Because while you are trying to save some money on such equipment, you are running the risk of losing far larger sums.

Don’t worry – save money

We do our best job for the least payment. Our job is to help people as best we can. The prices we charge for our service are unreasonably low. Moreover, you get Certified Professionals that use only tested and Approved Equipment. We even offer you a choice of buying the construction yourself, if you happen not to trust our judgement. There is no need to concern yourself with unnecessary thinking – we will do the entire work for you.  You will spare yourself the stress that comes with the rainy season and preserve your possessions in perfect state.

What else do you need?

You may Call our Line and get Free Consultation on any issue concerning your Sewer System and how to preserve your house from Water Backups and Flooding. You may as well call us for the installation any time. We will come whenever it is comfortable for you.