Drainage Problems Toronto

Various substances that pass through pipes, such as grease from food, fat, scale content, as well as silt, concrete, mud, roots and stones can cause Drain Blockages. A Clogged Drain will definitely lead to many problems in your home. Surely, you may try to fix the pipeline yourself with proper tools.

Though, if you still can’t cope with Cleaning Drain Pipes, you’d better call a Professional Plumber.

Typical Drain Cleaning Methods

THE BEST SOLUTION FOR DRAINAGE PROBLEMSHigh Pressure Water Jetters, as well as electric eels are considered to be the most popular tools for Cleaning Drain Pipes. The electric eel includes a steel cable, motor and cutting system at the end of the cable. The device rotates under the impact of the motor and Removes Blockage in the Sewer or Drain Pipes. An electric eel can be effective at a depth up to 20 meters.

High Pressure Jetters tend to be quicker than ordinary electric eels. High pressure water breaks obstacles and flushes parties away.  The jetter can effectively clean to about 80 meters. This is 3 times further than a typical electric eel. Both cold and hot water are used during the Cleaning Process.

Pipe Bursting – the ideal way to Replace old Pipes

Pipe Bursting Technique is the perfect solution for Trenchless Replacement of Water, Gas and Sewer Pipes. This method involves the Replacement of existing Pipes with new ones in the same location.

Special high-powered devices with strong bursting heads are used to destroy the old pipes Drainage Problems Toronto. These machines smash the existing pipes while pulling through the new ones. In other words, when pulled into the existing line, the device breaks it into pieces, creates the hole in the soil and pushes the new pipe there. The machine efficiently bursts cast iron, clay, concrete, and PVC pipeline.

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