Foundation Leak

How to Know that it is a Fundament Water Seepage?

  • Hot or cold damp spot on the floor;
  • Liquid pours out from the slab or ground;
  • Toilet back up;
  • Tub back up;
  • Shower back up;
  • Sewer back up;
  • Drain back up;
  • Substructure’s movement;
  • Cracks of the sole;
  • Special odour;
  • Flooded basement;
  • Water drips through the walls’ cracks;
  • Water leaks from the floor’s cracks;
  • Basement’s windows are leaking and etc.

How We Can Repair it?

The problem with the drainage is a typical root cause of the soggy base. The drainage system should pool up the water outside of the substructure Foundation Leak. Nonetheless, if there are cracks anywhere within the fundament, then the water will exude through them. The most horrible thing about these cracks is that they can get worse and worse as the time goes by. Thus, you need to act quickly by fixing it.

Therefore, Installing a Drainage Pipe should prevent further foundation’s water trickling. Moreover, the water can appear under the foundation’s slab. The best advice that we can give to you in this situation is to end guessing about the reason of the leak. You can call TPG’s phone line 24/7. Once the master arrives to your property he will dissolve all your worries.

Remember once again that Fixing all the Cracks is a must. As the cracks may appear anywhere, so the professional observation of the plumber will eliminate each crack.

Also, there are other ways to fix the leakage of your foundation:

  • Basement waterproofing;
  • Waterproofing fundament’s wall;
  • Back water valve setting;
  • Replacing old pipes with new plastic pipes (e.g. weeping tiles);
  • “Clean out” installation;
  • Sump Pump installation and etc.

Each case does differ from one another. So, our crew will examine your premise very carefully and definitely will find a suitable technique and instruments that will Fix the Leakage. You will be surprised that the method we use does not damage a landscape at all. Even more, you don’t have to worry if you have a gorgeous garden filled with flowers and trees or lawn around your house. We promise you, that only two pits are all it takes to do the job. Furthermore, our service includes Free Drain Camera Installation. In addition to that, we are at your service anytime, during the day or night.