Tree Roots Drains Toronto

Of all possible Backups caused by the Sewer Blockage, the Toilet Backup must be the most unpleasant disaster that could happen Tree Roots Drains Toronto. There are many reasons for such occurrences, but the most common of them is Tree Roots that are Blocking your Sewer Line.

But I don’t have any trees

TREE ROOTS IN DRAIN PIPES - TORONTO PLUMBING GROUPMany our clients are very much surprised when we inform them that their Sewer Line is Blocked with Tree Roots, for they have no trees on their property. But here is the catch: the width of root growth is three times as big as the width of the tree trunk. Judging by this fact, even if you didn’t plant any trees in your garden, the neighbours’ trees may have found a way to your pipes and invaded them.

We don’t need “root-friendly” pipes

Generally, pipes are resistant to root penetration, but if there occurs the tiniest crack in them, the roots start attacking the sewer line and grow inside it. It is not only the roots themselves that take all the space inside the pipe, but the waste that gathers around them and creates the block.

How to look for them

In nut shell: you cannot find the place of the blockage yourself. First of all, it is underground where you cannot see it. Secondly, only after calling a Professional Plumber with special surveillance equipment will you be able to detect the place, size and seriousness of the clog. So here comes our help.

If you suspect tree root invasion into your sewer – Call Us Immediately. We will survey your pipes for any alien substances and objects and remove them. Don’t occupy your mind with the welfare of your or neighbours’ trees, because out technologies help to Kill the Roots only inside the Drain Pipe. They do not harm the trees in any way and are perfectly safe for the environment.

My Granma says…

You must have heard a lot about how to Prevent the “Natural” Clog in your Drain. The most common piece of advice is to use copper sulphate from time to time. That means to flush it down your toilet. This way of Root Killing is very ineffective and time-consuming. Moreover, it may lead to the corrosion inside your drain and cause great damage to your pipes. Why bother with it if it may take weeks?

Just call us and we will deal with the problem in minutes. With our company the price cannot be the issue. We do not overrate our service. The client’s wishes are what matters to us, and we pay very thorough attention to them.