Tree Roots In Sewer Line

Having the same problem with Tree Roots in your Sewer Line over and over again? General Backups and Flooding are getting on your last nerve? You should Call Us 416-857-3930 and get it over with. No more Roots in your Sewer, no more Backups – we will take care of your Plumbing System.


Dispose of the Tree Roots in your Sewer

There are countless websites on the Internet devoted to the problem of Tree roots in Pipes.  People offer different solutions to this problem:

  • Snaking the Pipes twice a year;
  • Foaming the Roots out with chemicals;
  • Replacing Pipes entirely, because if the roots have gotten inside, this means that the pipe is damaged already.

If the first two do not require any major intrusion, the last one needs excavation and the result is your ruined garden. You may always consider the second option as it is the least costly and the quickest one, but take into account the environmental factor.

If you begin releasing heavy chemical elements into our surroundings, what’s going to be left of it? Every self-conscious citizen should think about pollution and contamination and the results thereof.

Finish off Tree Roots in your Pipes without chemicals

We help you with your problem quickly and professionally. The services we provide do not include any chemicals whatsoever. The removing process is strictly mechanical. The equipment is safe for both pipes and environment. We use the Traditional Snaking Method combined with the Water-Pressure Method.

This way the Tree Roots are being Removed from you Sewer System, but your front yard is untouched. The water method assures that all the remnants if the roots are washed out of the Sewer and the Cracks in Pipes are being cleaned properly before the repair.

Surveillance of the Pipes after the Tree Roots Removal

We also apply Sewer CCTV Cameras to investigate your pipes fully and find the damaged areas. This way there is no need for excavation. We just find the damaged area and fill it up. This relining can substitute for a pipe itself if by any chance it should be damaged any further.

If the pipe is irreparably damaged, we just replace it on the spot, without any further delay. You do not have to wait for weeks and wonder when the Plumberis going to come and deal with your emergency. We care for our customers, that is why we provide FREE Consultation on the phone and make sure that the customer is well informed before ordering the service with us.