No Digging Pipe Repair toronto

If you have Clogs in your Pipes, causing Backups or Cracks and holes in the Pipes causing Leaks, you have to call a Licensed Plumber. You are probably scared that the Repair with cause a huge mess and you would have to leave your home for the time or repairing No Digging Pipe Repair toronto.


Only imagine how much time and money it would take and how much damage and destruction it would cause to your house. But we offer you a perfect solution with Minimum Costs and Maximum Quality Assurance.

Why do your Sewer (Drain, Water) Pipes need Repair?

The Cracks in your Pipes occur mainly due to corrosion of metal that is constantly under water pressure. This is dangerous not only to your property, but to your health as well. The elements of corroded metal are released into the environment, and absorbed by the vegetables that grow in your garden, by Trees that you eat fruit from.

Main reasons for the cracks in your pipes are:

  • Corrosion;
  • Tree Roots invasion;
  • Overwhelming inside pressure;
  • Environmental factors, such as the soil they are in.

Benefits of our method of Sewer (Drain, Water) Pipe Repair

Most Plumbing Companies would advise you to demolish your walls and floors in order to Replace or Repair the Cracked Pipe. The cutting of the pipe causes the spreading of dangerous bacteria throughout your house. This, however, can be avoided.

We Offer you Pipe Lining. This kind of repair does not require any digging or ruining of your interior. You do not have to leave your home or worry that you’ll have to rebuild your walls and floors.

Even if the pipe is completely cracked or ruined, the lining inside it will stand another hundred years and to will not be damaged by the environmental factors, such as temperature, underground waters etc.

Repair your Pipe Without Digging

The Relining Process is possible for any kind of pipe. We do the surveillance first, to assess the amount of damage cause to your sewer pipes, then we proceed to the actual repair. The repair process takes up to three hours.

You don’t need to wait while some strangers turn your house upside down. We do our job quickly and efficiently. The repair can take place any time that is convenient for you.

Our office provides FREE consultation. All you need is to Call Us 416-857-3930 and you’ll receive the full information on the process plus any detail that would interest you.

Our company is located in Mississauga but we work with clients in Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga, Scarborough, Oakville, Thorn Hill, Vaughan and Brampton.